What should I do when things go wrong?

Babe,I'm fear


Why we can't do anything for this situation?

why we just stay still and wait for the end comes.

I don't wanna leave or lose.


I deserve it,right?

I know what I've done to you.


When will you give me a chance to undo? 

 I'm just tired of crying.

So do you?


I hope that we can talk.

We need talk. . .


Don't let it be like this.


PS:  I'm really thankful to my family na. .

My bro,little sis, and  mamii.

I don't want  you to know this silly story. . 

But finally all of you knew it OMG.


I'm getting better now.

not die easily rok ka 55555



I miss my blog chan

Haven't put anything down for so long.^ ^ 




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